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Innovative Hybrid Solutions

for Your Grid Edge Project 

We develop revolutionary mobile and stationary power solutions that combine multiple energy sources for the modern distributed energy network. Our hybrid solutions deliver  supreme reliability and optimal cost-efficiency.

PV Solar and Energy Storage

PV Solar adoption is the cornerstone of most C&I clean energy programs. Our clients enjoy the lowest electricity bills, meaningful financial returns, and peace of mind in knowing that they are contributing to a better and more sustainable environment.

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Smart Microgrids

Leveraging extensive lithium-ion battery energy storage and power management systems. Pacific Energy offers innovative, easily deployable, pre-engineered hybrid solutions that deliver a highly controlled and predictable system.


Waste Heat Recovery

Pacific Energy is introducing the most advanced industrial-scale thermoelectric generator technology. Our systems provide solid-state capabilities to harvest low-grade energy from exhaust flues or working fluids. 

PV Solar and Energy Storage




PV Solar

 For over a decade, we have designed and installed PV Solar systems for commercial and industrial applications.

Battery Energy Storage

No matter the challenges you are facing, we'll make it work at a cost that makes sense.

Solar Farm Energy Storage

Distributed vs. Centralized Topology. A key consideration when it is time to choose the best solution for your solar project. 






They integrate clean energy sources and will soon become the new building blocks of the grid.

Hybrid Power Systems

Pacific Energy's pre-engineered hybrid power systems bring the cleanest and most cost-efficient power sources to your site, building, or community. 

Power Electronics

Power Electronics are a critical component of distributed energy resources.




A Complete and Modular Industrial Thermoelectric Solution


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Microgrids & Hybrid Power Systems

  • Temporary settlement (e.g., evacuees, emergency weather events)

  • Telecom base stations

  • Hotels/Resorts

  • Mines

  • Uninterrupted power for small hospitals

  • Well pumping stations and irrigation systems

  • Construction machinery in remote areas

  • Public lighting

  • Small islands

  • Commercial & process facilities that require reliable power


Waste Heat Recovery 


  • Refineries

  • Chemical processing industries

  • Food & beverage

  • Power plants

  • Commercial plants

  • Geothermal

  • Wood Mills

  • Steel Mills

  • Paper pulp

  • Cement kilns

  • And more

Markets We Serve

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How Can We Help?

Sustainability may sound like a new Buzzword. But you know it is critical to your business.


  • Would a solar rooftop offset your site or building utilities charges? Is it doable?

  • Is an energy storage system the response to your excessive demand charge and allow uninterrupted service?

  • Are your processes generating a lot of heat and are you wondering how to bring some of those BTUs back to your operation?

  • Can a Generator Hybridization unit solve your customer's issues?

We’d love to hear from you.


Contact us here with your ideas, concerns, and project goals.

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