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Diesel-powered electric generators are the most reliable way to generate high-quality power. However, they are inefficient, maintenance-intensive, and produce unsavory odors, noise, and toxic emissions. Our family of integrated hybrid solar power systems drastically transform their value proposition.

Innovative Hybrid Power Systems

for Your Grid Edge Project 

At Pacific Energy, we develop mobile and stationary power solutions that combine multiple energy sources with the utmost reliability and maximum cost-efficiency for the new distributed energy network.
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BESS and Grid Optimizer

Conventional and fully distributed battery energy storage systems for energy management, microgrids, and solar farms.   

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A family of pre-engineered advanced PV diesel hybridization systems for a trouble-free hybrid microgrid system implementation.

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A family of high-power and high-efficiency

SiC converters for DC/DC and DC/AC.    

Nirvana III

The first industrial-scale thermoelectric generator system that efficiently recycles waste heat into power for years in all operating conditions.   





A fully distributed energy storage system
to economically boost solar plant productivity

Our Gridoptimizer is a fully distributed, cost-effective, robust, efficient, and reliable solar farm and microgrid energy storage system. Excess energy from the peak solar hours can be stored and used anytime, day or night. Energy storage can also be used to fill in gaps in power production caused by weather anomalies like clouds.  


Battery Energy Storage

No matter what the challenges you are facing, we'll make it work at a cost that makes sense. 

Depending on the individual objectives for the energy project, there will be a vast range of solutions and chemistries to choose between. This is where our expertise and experience can add significant value to your project.

With multiple energy storage technologies, topologies, and lithium-ion or other flow battery chemistries that each need to be evaluated, we help by carefully considering all of the variables and present you with the right solution based on your own circumstances.

While there are specific baselines to start from, every project will notoriously have unique challenges that may require an individualized approach. We encourage you to contact us with your potential storage application and let us help refine and design an advanced energy storage system that works for you.




Advanced Energy Storage Units

A multi-energy source platform for clean, resilient, and unrivaled operations. 

Our solutions deliver the highest efficiency using unique DC/DC topologies paired with a fast charge battery system for unequaled portable & modular power generation systems. Managing all energy sources such as diesel gensets, renewables wind, PV, battery storage; it is ideal for nano and macro grid and tower telecoms.

Developed for the Expeditionary USMC for absolute uninterruptable power and maximum efficiency in all circumstances 


Achieving between 65% to 90% fuel savings, the AESU MIL (standard version) is available on skid or trailer for straightforward and easy plug-and-play operations. The network can grow as demand increases by simply adding new units. The Intelligent Power Control Management coordinates all the nodes for a seamless, scalable, high-efficiency low emission power network. 




This solid-state technology delivers outstanding LCOE and turns waste heat into revenue generation for waste heat recovery applications.

Until now, thermoelectric solutions have been intended for high-tech applications. Pacific Energy is changing the status quo, introducing NIRVANA III. As the most advanced industrial-scale solid-state electricity generator, it can directly transform waste heat into electricity, adding value to your bottom line without the headache of conventional heat recovery systems.

NIRVANA III is the first industrial-scale high-efficiency thermoelectric generator, designed from the ground up to meet with demanding industrial requirements. No moving parts result in ultra-high reliability, low maintenance, and lower operating expenses (mainly standard transfer fluid pumps). It eliminates the risks of extended and expensive downtimes that plague many thermal engine economics. Environmental conditions have zero impact on the technology, and the system operates in non-steady states, addressing two of the major drawbacks of thermal engine cycles.

At the cutting-edge of innovation, Pacific Energy is introducing the Berken TVG. This system turns any temperature gradient (ΔT) between 65°C and 150°C into affordable and high-quality power

​If you have an application with a heat source between 10 kW and 10 MW, please click here to submit your application profile. We will provide you with a preliminary study and an opportunity for a demonstration pilot at your site.    



Power Electronics are a critical component of distributed energy resources. They manage the conversion and the control of the electric power with the help of power semiconductor devices that operate in switching mode. They allow to maximize the production and enhance the reliability during the operation.

Since recently, silicon power devices were the primary type of technology being used across all converters and inverters. Wide band-gap semiconductor (WGS) power devices represented by silicon carbide (SiC) have superior characteristics such as higher voltage, lower loss, higher switching speed, and higher temperature operations. This translates into better efficiency, a longer lifetime, and a more robust service in harsh environments. 

Pacific Energy is currently developing a family of new SiC converters for a faster, smaller footprint and lower dependency on environment control that will be available soon. y. 




Power Electronic

How Can We Help?

Sustainability may sound like a new Buzzword. But you know it is critical to your business.


  • Would a solar rooftop offset your site or building utilities charges? Is it doable?

  • Is an energy storage system the response to your excessive demand charge and allow uninterrupted service?

  • Are your processes generating a lot of heat and are wondering how to bring back some of those BTUs back to your operation?

  • Can a Generator Hybridization unit solve your customer's issues?

We’d love to hear from you.


Contact us here with your ideas, concerns, and project goals.

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