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With no moving parts and a lifetime of over 20 years, these systems are highly reliable and capable of operating in harsh industrial environments and far from steady conditions, requiring virtually no maintenance.  In the past, these solutions were reserved for high-tech applications, which is no longer the case following the introduction of the BERKEN TVG modular platform by Pacific Energy.

​Thermoelectric generator systems have long been regarded as the most promising heat-to-electricity energy conversion technology. However, the high costs and limited efficiency have stalled the deployment of this mature and extremely reliable solid-state technology to industrial applications.

​It has taken over ten years of intense R&D, and a series of recent revolutionary breakthroughs in material design to complete the redesign of all the manufacturing steps. The Berken TVG system brings a new world of opportunity for low-grade energy recycling into valuable electrical power for process industries and power plants.  

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