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Advanced Hybrid Power and Heat Recovery Systems 

PV Solar - Energy Storage -

Power Electronics - Industrial Thermoelectric Generator

Pacific Energy is a hybrid power system company guided by a mission to bring innovative power generation solutions to market, that accelerate the adoption of clean and sustainable commercial and industrial operations.  

Clean Energy Technologies

Our Team is at the forefront of all recent developments involving safe battery energy management systems, fast charge power storage solutions, hybridization systems and more recently, cutting edge heat-to-electricity via thermoelectric generators and silicon carbide power electronics.

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Power Generation Products

Pacific Energy offers a family of modular and scalable “plug and play” power systems that meet microgrid requirements. These pre-engineered systems enable the rapid and secure deployment of multiple types of microgrid, using smart power generation technologies and energy storage solutions.  


With decades of construction and implementation expertise from our mother company, and with direct access to a very large network of experts, Pacific Energy acts either as a system provider, a technology provider or as an EPC, providing turn-key solutions to an array of markets. 


Renewables by Belief,

 Electric Power by Passion 

Pacific Energy was established in 2009 as an offshoot of TSJ, Inc., a full-service electrical contractor for commercial, governmental, and industrial clients.  With an original focus on solar system deployment, ranging from kWs to MWs, Pacific Energy quickly embraced the sustainable growth of renewables by developing innovative and integrated lithium battery solutions; delivering its first 1MWh battery storage system in 2014. 

The company further expanded its capabilities to high-power electronics using extensive bandgap system integration and hybrid systems. These capabilities uniquely position Pacific Energy with vertically integrated resources to design, build, and install renewables, hybrid power generation systems, energy storage, and more recently, waste heat recovery using revolutionary solid-state thermoelectric generators.  


Built Right,  

With No Concession   

Unconvinced with the limitations of energy management solutions that were readily available in the marketplace, Pacific Energy dedicated years in research and development. With the application of energy storage to solar energy stabilization, generator hybridization, this led to the creation of a seamless and robust backbone for hybrid power systems and engineering capabilities.

Pacific Energy’s goal is to create cost-effective hybrid power systems that can be easily tailored to the individual customer's needs and guaranteed to function long after the return on investment period has ended. 

Our Design Rules:

Agile, Self-Effacing, and Simple-to-Use.

With a company background that is deeply ingrained in electrical project deployment, Pacific Energy’s engineering is dedicated to simplifying the design for the smoothest system integration and reliable operations.


We know that our systems are designed to operate day-in-day-out for years, and not to be talked about. This is why  Pacific Energy relies on innovative topologies, pre-engineered systems, and cutting-edge technologies to achieve these results. This approach has successfully decreased the bill of materials cost and improved dependability while exceeding customer requirements.


We Want to Hear From You.

​At Pacific Energy, we are committed to building hybrid power systems for the new distributed energy network. Delivering the utmost reliability and maximum cost-efficiency while always looking for the cleanest and more sustainable energy sources.


If you are looking for stationary or mobile energy solutions from 10 kW to 10 MW or planning on doing so, we'd like to hear from you. Send us a message, so we can help move forward with your project.

Tel: (951)588-1642 |

3080 12    Street, Riverside, CA 92507


Thanks for submitting it! We will review your message within 48 hours and get back to you. Feel free to contact us directly at (951)588-1642

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