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PV Solar 

As a construction contractor, we coordinate all aspects of the PV installation from start to finish. With intelligent systems in place, we ensure PV performance, longevity, and financial feasibility.

Our Process

Depending on the individual nature of the project (rooftops, microgrids, solar farm), the process would typically begin by evaluating the site, available space, financing, and overall goals.

The results of the initial scope will determine the optimal system configuration, based on both cost and performance. We then select the correct cell type and module, which will either be monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin-film. With each offering their own advantages, only following a thorough review of the project can we establish the most suitable choice.

Next, we will take care of the procurement for any materials and equipment. We also provide all of the intricate electrical and mechanical drawings and apply for the appropriate permits.

When the PV System is built and the final electrical connections are made, the full and proper performance is verified during the commissioning of the system for the final project delivery. This includes both the craftmanship and PV panel performance warranties.

​Would you like to start a conversation about your project?

Contact us or download and complete our checklist to help us address the exact requirements of your project. 

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