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Power Electronics

Driven by either new regulatory trends, or by environmental concerns with greenhouse gas emissions, or by the emergence of cleaner and more efficient technologies, distributed energy resources are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. However, all these resources could not be useful and work without various power electronics interfaces. 

Power Electronics manage the conversion and control of the electric power of 70% of the electrical energy in the USA. Using power semiconductors such as IGBT, MOSFETs, or other diodes and thyristors; etc., these devices operate in fast-switching mode to maximize the production and enhance reliability during the operation of power generation equipment.

Until recently, silicon power devices were the primary type of technology being used across all converters and inverters being offered. Wide band-gap semiconductor (WGS) power devices represented by silicon carbide (SiC) have superior characteristics such as higher voltage, lower loss, higher switching speed, and higher temperature operations. This translates into better efficiency, a longer lifetime, and a more robust service in harsh environments. 

Pacific Energy has developed a family of new SiC converters for a faster, smaller footprint and less need for environment control. The commercial launch is imminent.

Do you have an immediate need for more robust,  50% more compact inverters and converters?  Let's talk.

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