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Advanced Energy System Unit  Questionnaire 
Application Details
Please describe your objective and application requirements? For instance, what is your main objective? |1| go green |2|to have a microgrid |3| lower your bill |go offgrid|4|manage demand charges |5| efficient backup power Is there any equipment on site ? |1| Generator |2| Solar Panel |3| Battery capacity

Generator information:
Power Supply Charateristics  
Environmental conditions
Energy Consumption Information


8 am


9  am

4  pm

5 pm

Typical Daily Load Profile 

 2 am

10 am

  3 am

11 am

6 pm

7 pm

  4 am

12 pm

  5 am

1 pm

8 pm

9 pm

 6 am

2 pm

10 pm

  7 am

3  pm

11 pm

Time of Use Rates
Demand Charge Rate
On Peak
Off Peak
Mid Peak
Energy Rate
Mid Peak
Off Peak
On Peak
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