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Application Description 
What is Your Industry:
Application Details
Please describe your objective and your application requirements?

Waste Heat Physical Characteristics 
Heat Source
Exhaust Flowrate
Inlet Temperature
Gas Pressure 
Specific Heat
Environmental conditions
Average Temperature Range
Site Altitude (Enlish or SI units)
Energy Consumption Information
Typical Daily Load Profile 


8 am

4  pm


9  am

5 pm

 2 am

10 am

6 pm

  3 am

11 am

7 pm

  4 am

12 pm

8 pm

  5 am

1 pm

9 pm

 6 am

2 pm

10 pm

  7 am

3  pm

11 pm

Time of Use Rates
Demand Charge Rate
On Peak
Off Peak
Mid Peak
Energy Rate
On Peak
Off Peak     
Mid Peak

Thank you for submitting the details of your waste heat recovery application. We will contact you within 72 hours with specific information about your site.  

logo pacific energy.png
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